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Connector (CAD) The classic connection gasket Almost any pipe material and size can be connected to concrete pipes or manholes without any problem by means of the appropriate core hole and Connector gasket, for reinforced concrete available in different insertion depths. Optionally available in sets with special plastic adapters to connect PVC pipes and clay pipes. (continue ->)
PR-20 The connection gasket with optimised profile geometry PR-20 has optimised properties for various connection variants with regard to pipe insertion and angular deflection . (continue ->)
Manhole Rieber The advanced and integrated connection system to connect PVC pipes The manhole Rieber is integrated in manhole construction as steel-reinforced moulded gasket. Offering best sealing characteristics even in case of extreme angular deflection, Manhole Rieber can optimally be applied in series production. The scope of delivery includes the complete accessories such as formwork elements and adapters for factory production. (continue ->)
SEB Integrated system to connect clay pipes. The SEB ring is integrated in the bottom part of the manhole thus forming an optimal connection for clay pipes with K sleeve. (continue ->)
Connector PR-20 Manhole Rieber SEB
Cordes CK seals Cordes CK seals are applied in numerous geometries and profile heights in many situations. Cordes CK connectors are flexible, versatile, and cost-effective. (continue ->)
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Sealing systems for sewers