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Connector PN-20 Manhole Rieber SEB Connector PN-20 SEB
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Sealing systems for sewers
Manhole-Rieber connection gasket The flexible connection gasket as per DIN EN 681-1 to connect PVC (KG) sewer pipes and pipes from other materials. Manhole-Rieber is an integrated steel-reinforced sealing system most suitable for the production of customary as well as in particular monolithic manhole bases. The gaskets are mounted onto special forming units and are thus integrated in the manhole base unit before production. Either we deliver these formwork units as reusable formwork or they are made directly as part of the channel form made of polystyrene. Benefits: Integrated in the concrete wall during manhole production.  Cost-efficient, no loose gaskets. Easy-to assemble pipes. Wide angular deflection of pipes possible. Connections for the following types of pipes: DN 110 PVC DN 125 PVC DN 160 PVC DN 200 PVC DN 200 cast DN 250 PVC DN 315 PVC DN 400 PVC DN 500 PVC DN 630 PVC Material: Manhole-Rieber gaskets are fabricated from styrene butadiene rubber (SBR). The use of SBR has proven its worth in rainwater and wastewater applications due to its excellent sealing characteristics. Note: We recommend using seals fabricated from nitrile butadiene rubber (NBR) for applications involving mineral fuels such as oils, petrol, or similar.