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Connector PR-20 Manhole Rieber SEB Connector Manhole Rieber SEB
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Manhole Rieber
Sealing systems for sewers

PR-20 connection gasket

The cost-efficient gasket as per EN 681-1 to connect PVC (KG) sewer pipes, clay pipes, and pipes fabricated from many other materials.


Optimal to retroactively connect pipes made of various materials to concrete pipes and manholes by means of core drilling. Excellent sealing effect, great tolerance compensation.


PR-20 connection seals are fabricated from styrene butadiene rubber (SBR). The use of SBR has proven its worth in rainwater and wastewater applications due to its excellent sealing characteristics. Note: We recommend using seals fabricated from nitrile butadiene rubber (NBR) for applications involving mineral fuels such as oils, petrol or similar.


Make the opening with the correct diameter using a core drill, keeping the drill bit rectangular to the surface and centred to the pipe axis. Deburr the outside edge of the hole and clean the hole.  Check the inner surface of the hole for cavities and fractures and make good as necessary. Then insert the seal without lubricant into the drilled hole! Apply a suitable lubricant to the outside of the pipe spigot to be connected, center and insert it