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Connector PN-20 Manhole Rieber Connector Manhole Rieber PN-20
SEB 58 (Built-in condition)
Clay pipe K connecting sleeve
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Connector PN-20 Manhole Rieber
Sealing systems for sewers
SEB connection gasket The flexible integrated gasket to connect clay pipes with ‘K’ connecting sleeves to concrete manholes as per DIN EN 295-1. The SEB ring is integrated in the sleeve while the pipes are produced. Benefits: The SEB connection ring is firmly anchored in the concrete and thus forms a constructional unit with the manhole element. The SEB is an unproblematic and economic alternative to clay sleeve sockets. The SEB is securely integrated in the manhole and is, contrary to the sleeve, protected against damage. The leading angle of 15° facilitates the insertion of the clay pipe. The comparably hard SBR material of the SEB in connection with the soft sealing element of the clay spigot ensures the optimal and shrinkage-free connection. Material: SEB gaskets are fabricated from Styrene-Butadiene rubber (SBR). The use of SBR has proven its worth in rainwater and wastewater applications due to its excellent sealing characteristics. The hardness is 50 IRHD N. Note: We recommend using seals fabricated from Nitrile- Butadiene rubber (NBR) for applications involving mineral fuels such as oils, petrol or similar. Assembly: Apply lubricant to the pipe spigot end, centre and insert it.
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