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CTS Anchored + SH CTS Anchored CTS SH
CTS-Anchored-SH (Geometry and dimensions)        Groove design:   Profile:
CTS-Anchored-SH CTS-Anchored-SH combines the technological features of CTS-SH and CTS-Anchored Seal in a perfect symbiosis The advantages Refer to CTS-SH und CTS-Anchored-SH Seal All CTS-Anchored-SH seals are supplied as ready corner- vulcanized and project specifically tailor-made gasket frames.  The profile geometry and also the procedures used for the project-related water-proofing performance and load- deflection behavior testing follow the recommendations of recognized institutions such as, e.g.: STUVA (GER), AFTES (F), and BTS (UK). The gasket installation The CTS-Anchored-SH seal is directly clipped into a specially designed gasket groove machined in the inner face of the tunnel segment casting mold.   The installation of the hydrophilic cord CTS-Teco-Swell  is performed shortly before bringing the segments into the tunnel by using a special tool provided by CTS.  The tunnel segment installation To obtain a proper seal, care must be taken to insure the gaskets are not damaged during installation. For the insertion of the key stone segment CTS recom- mends using the CTS-Teco-Lube on the gasket frames. The material The CTS-Anchored-SH Seal is made of a high quality EPDM compound and its physical properties are in line with the specified values found in the STUVA recom- mendations.    In case of special requirements concerning chemical resis- tance when used in extremely contaminated ground CTS offers alternative materials ( e.g. CR/SBR elastomer for better resistance against hydrocarbons found in ground water ). This alternative material can be offered as a rea- sonable compromise, but always under consideration of lowering the typical and physical properties of an EPDM- compound with regard to aging performance and longivety.           The hydrophilic round cord CTS-Teco-Swell is made of a swellable TPE material with good permanently elastic properties.   
26 x 10 mm
33 x 10 mm
36 x 11 mm
44 x 12 mm 
CTS Standard CTS Standard CTS Standard