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Anker-2000 Anker-2000-Innotite Anker-DPA CK-89 BK-62 Vortriebsdichtungen Anker-2000-CX
Mean gap size/w
H 28.0 33.0  
B 82.0 90.0
17.0 ± 2.6 20.0 ± 3.0
(CK-P-02 is a testable seal with integrated valve system. Inspection and repair of seal are possible retroactively.)
CK-P-02 (activatable)
Shear load stop (optional)
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Sealing systems for sewers
before the pipe is inserted. The necessary lubricant Cordes GM-95 is applied liberally by hand, beginning at the socket radius and going as far as about the middle of the socket. This procedure ensures that the pipe can be inserted without problems. Observe EN 1610 when laying the pipes. Material: CKP-02-seals are fabricated from styrene butadiene rubber (SBR). The use of SBR has proven its worth in rainwater and wastewater applications due to its excellent sealing characteristics. Note: We recommend using seals made of nitrile butadiene rubber (NBR) for applications involving mineral fuels such as oils, petrol or similar.
Testable spigot wedge-shaped sliding seal CKP-02 The testable and injectable double wedge seal CKP-02  for walk-in pipes and box culverts Benefits: The extremely safe double wedge cross-section provides the option to promptly perform leak tests by means of valve technology on site without additional effort and to repair the sealing by means of injection if necessary. Routine inspections and repair can be performed even after years. The wedge shape of the CKP-02-seals guarantees secure and reliable centering during insertion. The use of CKP-02-seals means reliable, long- lasting joints between concrete pipes as per DIN 1916 and DIN V 1201, as well as jacking pipes, box culverts and egg- and mouth-shaped profiles. Secure fit and problem-free installation. CKP-02-seals are available in a variety of cross- sections and can thus be adapted to a number of different gap sizes. CKP-02-seals are subject to constant third-party monitoring by independent inspection organizations. They comply with the requirements of EN 1916, EN 681-1, QR 4060 (FBS quality guideline) and other applicable quality standards. Assembly: CKP-02-seals are fitted to the spigot and pressed tight against the connecting shoulder (raised edge). The spigot length to the raised edge results from the seal geometry and must be observed. Any dirt should be removed from the socket and seal
Pipes & Box culverts Pipes & Box culverts