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Sealing systems for sewers
Anchor-3000 The integrated seal with constructive shear limitation of Cordes forms a unit with the pipe. For standard and deep sockets, the Anchor-3000 offers special advantages in terms of durability and long-term behavior of the pipe joint. (continue ->)
Anchor-2000-CX The most frequently used integrated sealing system by Cordes forms one unit with the pipe. Besides the standard version, especially the co-extruded version offers advantages for normal and deep sockets in terms of concrete compaction, sealing fit, pipe insertion and material combination (hard/soft). (continue ->)
Anchor-2000 The integrated seal in the standard design forms a constructional unit with the pipe or the manhole. The Anchor-2000 seal is used all over the world in the nominal diameters DN 150 - DN 3000. (continue ->)
Anchor-DPA The economical and integrated seal with re-usable formwork ring (BAC). Together with the re-usable BAC formwork ring, the DPA seal is applied to conventional pallet rings. After the concrete has hardened, the formwork ring is removed and ready for re-use. This is a very cost-effective method of integrating seals into concrete pipe sockets in a way that conforms to standards. (continue ->)
Slide ring seals CK An almost countless profile variety of Cordes wedge-shaped seals offers reliable safety. As slide ring seals on the spigot for circular concrete and reinforced concrete pipes, egg- and mouth-shaped profiles, and box culverts as well as for jacking pipes, type CK slide ring seals are the pipe connection conforming to standards which offers additional safety. (continue ->)
Testable double-wedge seal CK-P-02 The testable and injectable double-wedge seal CKP-02 for walk-in pipes and box culverts Using valve technology, the extremely safe double-wedge cross-section offers the option to carry out leak tests promptly on-site without any additional efforts and, if necessary, to apply additional sealing by injection. Furthermore, routine inspections and repairs are possible after several years. (continue ->)
O-ring gasket BK + ZG The chambered O-ring gasket - is an appreciated variant for highest demands. The O-ring gasket BK is frequently applied as slide ring seal in the chamber of ambitious construction projects. The O-ring gasket with wedge tip design is, however, also globally applied on the pipe spigot in massive design according to EN 681-1 (BK) or with cellular structure according to EN 681-3 (ZG). (continue ->)
Sealing systems for trenchless pipe jacking Trenchless pipe jacking is a special construction method to lay or replace sewage pipes of all diameters underground and on target. Underground pipe jacking is nowadays the solution for high traffic volume, little space available, and building structures deserving protection. Cordes offers a variety of safe sealing systems not only for jacking pipes and intermediate jacking stations, but also for the jacking machines / TBM themselves. (continue ->)
The integrated seal especially for concrete box culverts and large-diameter pipes is additionally testable and activatable. This results in many advantages for the assembly and the later operation. (continue ->)