Material: CLE - the plastomer load transfer ring by Cordes is made of a inelastic plastomer material with a particularly dense structure.
Plastomer load transfer rings CLE   Even inelastic load transfer according to DIN V 4034-1 - section 4.3.15  "Load transfer between prefabricated parts". Benefits: Due to parallel tolerances at the front surfaces caused by production, load peaks may occur in prefabricated manhole parts which cause the parts to break. Even the required mortar layers between the parts do not always achieve the static balance, as consistency, composition, and different setting times as well as the height of the applied layers may vary a lot.  CLE, the plastomer load transfer element by Cordes, solves exactly that problem. Parts can be connected in a simple, safe, permanent, and cost-efficient way according to DIN V 4034-1. CLE is available as preformed rings or strands, so that you can react to any possible problems in a flexible way.  Characteristics: Even inelastic load transfer pursuant to DIN V 4034-1 - section 4.3.15  "Load transfer between prefabricated parts".   Easy to handle, quick and safe installation. Safe compensation of load peaks. No investment in new form rings für prefabricated manhole parts according to DIN V 4034 - 1. CLE can be used with various seals.
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Nominal diameter according to DIN 1000 1200 1500
 B 35 35 40
H 8 8 10
We can also produce special sizes on request. Call us or send us an e-mail with your requirements. We promise to promptly handle your request.
Design: preformed rings /dimensions: 
Design: strands /dimensions:
MKP Anker-2000-S SD-97 SDN-V CSD-Plus-3 SDN-88 CLE Top-Seal-Plus-CX
Strands are available with the same dimensions. Individually customized length.
CSD-Plus-3 SDN-V SDN-88 SD-97 Top-Seal-Plus-CX Anker-2000-S MKP
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