Assembly: MKP-97 is stretched over the usual DIN 4034-1 pallet ring. New pallet rings are not required! Material: The socket profile MKP-97 is fabricated from ethylene-propylene-diene rubber (EPDM). The use of EPDM rubber has proven its worth in rainwater and wastewater applications due to its excellent sealing characteristics.
Socket profile MKP-97 MKP-97 is an integrated lining of the socket and thus the ideal supplement for Cordes seals in manhole construction according to EN 1917 and DIN V 4034-1. Benefits: Simple and trouble-free assembly, as the MKP-97  lines the sealing surface of the socket completely. Cavities or air blisters on the sealing surface on the concrete during production are thus eliminated. MKP-97 eliminates the need for retouching the sockets. The elastomer optimally protects sockets and spigots of manhole rings while they are stacked one inside the other during transport. MKP-97 is characterized by a very low insertion force since rubber slips on rubber. The optimum sealing is guaranteed because the manhole gaskets are compressed against the MKP-97 socket profile. MKP-97 is used with the customary SD-97, SDN-88, SDN-V or CSD Plus 3 manhole gaskets. 
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Socket profile MKP-97 (dimensions as supplied)                               
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   H 14.2 14.8 15.1
      B 59.0 68.0 78.0
Fig.1: Socket profile MKP-97 (with SD-97) and plastomer compensation segment CLE (optional)
Plastomer load compensation segment CLE
MKP Anker-2000-S SD-97 SDN-V CSD-Plus-3 SDN-88 CLE
Top-Seal-Plus-CX CSD-Plus-3 SDN-V SDN-88 SD-97 Top-Seal-Plus-CX Anker-2000-S CLE
DN 800 - 1000 1200 1500
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