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SDN-V The prelubricated manhole seal with particularly safe geometry. The open slide mantle system prevents cluttering and the so-called balloon effect when the manhole ring assembly. The unique spreading effect of the fin-like sealing prevents leakage also in case of irregular joint sizes, and additionally increases the protection against the pressure from external water. (continue ->)
SD-97 The slide ring seal for manhole parts in conventionally functional geometry. The SD-97 manhole seals are the cost-efficient alternative for safety and conformity to standards. (continue ->)
Top-Seal-Plus-CX The integrated manhole seal including load transfer element for the Econorm manhole system. The integrated sealing and load transfer system form a constructional unit with the Econorm manhole element, thus excluding field application errors as far as possible. The co-extruded profile (hard / soft combination) optimises in particular the properties of the sand-filled load transfer segment. (continue ->)
MKP Additional safety for manhole connections using integrated socket lining. Whether prelubricated or not lubricated, with or without load transfer - using the modular system, the MKP system can be combined with all manhole seals on the spigot thus ensuring an optimised sealing effect. Simply apply the MKP to the conventional pallet ring according to DIN V 4034-1 thus integrating and fixing it in the manhole ring. (continue ->)
CSD-Plus-3 The manhole sealing system with the three internal advantages: 1. Prelubricated system with open slide mantle and spreading effect (see SDN-V) for problem-free field processes. 2. Integrated, sand-filled, inelastic load transfer system with tested structural integrity according to DIN V 4034-1. 3. Additional internal joint seal with installation control. (continue ->)
Anchor 2000-S Built-in safety by the integrated sealing system for manhole constructions. The Anchor 2000 S sealing system provides for the advantages of a sealing system integrated in the socket and can be combined with the conventional manhole elements according to DIN V 4034-1. Also compatible with the TOBNORM system. (continue ->)
SDN-88 The fin-like structure of the SDN 88 causes a spreading effect towards the socket lining, thus increasing the tightness against the pressure from external water. The larger overlapping of the sealing surface of the SDN 88 is also beneficent. (continue ->)
CLE The safe solution conforming to standards of the demand for vertical load transfer according to DIN V 4034-1. (continue ->)
MKP Anker-2000-S Top-Seal-Plus-CX SD-97 SDN-V CSD-Plus-3 SDN-88 CLE
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