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INDUSTRIAL PROFILES | DEVELOPMENT & CONFECTION We manufacture your desired profile!
Cordes seals and elastomer profiles can e.g. be found in the following areas:
Cordes sealing systems and profiles for industrial and other applications are developed in close consultation with our customers and their specific requirements. Our business partners particularly appreciate our rapid and timely implementation in series production as well as our wide range of processing and finishing options.
Absorber profiles
Ice rink absorbers Surface heaters Solar absorbers
Joint tapes inside Joint tapes outside Clamp profiles
Materials available according to common standards, e.g. DIN 7865.
Expansion joints / roadway transitions
Railway bridges Buildings Parking lots Road bridges Traffic areas
Depending on the application in EPDM, CR or SBR blend. According to common standards, e.g. DB Ril 804.5021
WindowS & facadeS (Examples)
Cover frame gaskets Center seals Mullion-transom seals
Numerous EPDM grades available, Co-extrusion in different variants possible. According to common standards, e.g. DIN 7863
sectional & SHUTTER doors (Examples)
Finger protection profiles Capacitive sensor profiles Optical sensor profiles Switching strip profiles
We provide the right materials for every possible application and are not afraid of large volumes or complex cross-sections. Co-extrusion is feasible.
cordes  |  Sealing systems for hydraulic steel structures
HYDRAULIC STEELWORK Sealing profiles, vulcanization, confection In addition to the primary task of preventing water loss, there is oftentimes more to sealing systems in hydraulic steel structures . In particular, the prevention of flow between the fixed structure and the movable hydraulic steel structure is intended to avoid unwanted hydrodynamic stresses from the flow as well as from entrained solids. In addition, the seal should also prevent the risk of immobility due to icing in winter. The companies of the Cordes Group have been among the most important manufacturers of large-dimension sealing systems for many decades. In particular, users in the field of hydraulic steelwork appreciate not only the flexibility of both our products and our organization, but above all our high- quality sealing systems, prompt service, and our manufacturing and application know-how. If you would like to know more about our hydraulic steelwork product range , please contact us directly by phone. We will be happy to advise you in detail.
Made of durable and long-lasting EPDM- grades. On request also in co-extrusion, e.g. black / white.
Other possible applications:
Numerous materials available. Customized geometries according to your specifications.
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Sealing Systems & Elastomeric Profiles
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