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Quality & Reliability Founded in 1945, the Cordes Group has been one of the most important manufacturers and suppliers of elastomer sealing systems for many decades. Our high-quality products as well as our prompt service have rightly earned their place in the market. Whether it is standard seals produced in series or customized profiles, frames and sealing systems, Cordes' pronounced orientation towards the needs of its customers implies the agility for which we are known beyond the borders.
Made in Germany A "lived" quality management according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015, external monitoring of our products by international institutions as well as strict compliance with and monitoring of the applicable standards and quality guidelines document our high quality level. At Cordes, we define quality through our high-quality products as well as through our daily work and service.
Service Benefit from our know-how. Our application engineers "speak your language". From routine control measurements, to the development of special problem solutions, to service in your plant, on the construction site or at your customers. We are happy to offer you our services.
Research & Development Our research and development department takes up requirements from practice and offers new solutions. Here, we attach particular importance to good cooperation with our partners on the part of our customers, the supplier industry and research institutions.
Just in time Thanks to our dedicated employees, an appropriate corporate structure tailored to our needs and continuous process optimization, we guarantee the flexibility that the market demands today. Three production sites with extensive production and storage capacities enable us to be faster than others and to guarantee on-time delivery. This also allows us to minimize the customer's warehousing requirements for custom-made products.
Locations At two locations in Senden near Münster/Westphalia, the headquarters of the administration, the serial gasket frame assembly and processing with a capacity of more than 50 vulcanizing presses, the freehand production, our factory laboratory as well as the extensive central warehouse are located. BGT Boizenburger Gummitechnik GmbH & Co. KG, based in Boizenburg/Elbe, manufactures elastomer profiles on state-of-the-art extrusion and coextrusion lines, a large profile line with vulcanization in an autoclave, and also has a wide variety of injection presses for molding and frame production.
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